Rainy days and Sundays are good for writers

Well, the benefit of a rainy day/Sunday combination is true at least for fiction writers who have  jobs outside of writing, and must seize the moment when all conditions are right…the muse is available (and makes it known), time is available and there is coffee. Today it all came together and I’m revising and prepping for the publication later this summer of What A Kiss Can Do. I happen to be a first sentence lover and for those of you who also have that affliction–or good fortune, whichever you think it might be–I am including below the first sentence:

On a cold December night, standing on the porch of a mansion owned by a person I didn’t like, going to a party I didn’t want to attend, and celebrating a season that held mostly bad memories, I sighed, rang the doorbell and thought about my life.

Thought-provoking, scene-setting, often-revised…it’s a start.